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"Ms. Spurrell has given my daughters the gift of music. Her dedication, passion and love of teaching has inspired and taught them the meaning of hard work and commitment. Her guidance has given them confidence and a belief in themselves. For that, I am truly gratful and it's a joy ti watch them grow as individuals, through music."  - Jane, parent

Students of Spurrell Singing Studio generally begin private vocal instruction between the ages of 8-12 and continue until leaving for post-secondary education. The students follow the Royal Conservatory of Music program and 95% of students complete an RCM exam each year. In addition, students are encouraged to explore a variety of musical styles, including musical theatre. Regional festivals offer students an opportunity to perform and receive feedback from other vocal instructors. As well, Spurrell Singing Studio provides its students with multiple performance opportunites throughout the year. Please feel free to contact Natalie Spurrell for more information, including pricing and availability.

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